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Administrative Services

Our administrative services enable your business to function smoothly while removing the pressures and processes associated with acquisitions, transactions and other money-orientated operations. EQ:IQ can advise, support and action best practices that will comply with Cypriot rules and regulations.

Industry Leading Administrative Services in Cyprus & the UK

Investing in administration services is a highly adept means of preparing your business for growth and longevity. This is because it is an investment into financial best practices, ensuring that you are structured for success and that you have experienced third-party individuals available to support and advise as needed.

We strive to use our accumulated experience and knowledge to help our clients operate efficiently and effectively so that they can advance, overcome and achieve their business goals. If you are interested in a forward-thinking approach to all things finance, then you’ve come to the right place.

Escrow Services & Banking

Do you require escrow and banking administrative services? EQ:IQ can securely hold and handle monies and assets, ensuring that every transaction you make is a successful one. Operating financially and legally on your behalf means that we can help to structure and support your business as an extension of your everyday team.

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Accounting & Book-keeping

Ensuring that your business is running smoothly, efficiently, transparently and legally is required for any business. Our full suit of accounting and book-keeping administrative services means that we can assist with everything from the management of company transactions to invoicing.

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Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

The Mini One Stop Shop is no longer available in the UK, which is why many businesses choose to expand into Europe. Cyprus has a hugely efficient MOSS scheme, and at EQ:IQ we have an in-depth understanding of the commercial possibilities within Cyprus and the wider European Union.

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Fully Serviced Office Space

Starting From €285 + VAT

What is the Value of Outsourcing Administrative Services?

As we see business practices changing and more organizations leaning towards remote or hybrid work opportunities, this opens up the door for many when it comes to creating a business centre. And we understand this – as we help organizations achieve their goals in line with industry trends and best practices. Outsourcing administrative services with EQ: IQ means, consolidation of support, improved efficiencies, and reduced costs.

We Can Help You

At EQ:IQ, we are proud to have provided the highest-quality administrative services for over 15 years for many clients in a range of industries. We know administrative management can be difficult when piled on top of other legal responsibilities which is why we want to lend a helping hand. 

Contact us today by completing an online form below or by phoning 00357 25029100. Alternatively, you can reach out to us by emailing


Administrative services is an overall term, referring to an extensive collection of services. At EQ:IQ, we endeavour to provide a comprehensive offering that meets all of your possible requirements including financial planning, case docketing, property management and payroll.

An administrative services manager is responsible for overseeing any administration services which you may require – working as part of your in-house team or belonging to an external firm such as EQ:IQ. In either case, they plan, direct and coordinate as needed.

The best way to find administrative services that suit your needs is by doing your research. This includes using testimonials, reviews and employee credentials to inform your final decision. At EQ:IQ, our client feedback speaks for itself, and our employees are industry experts, guaranteeing you a rewarding and professional experience from the very first interaction.

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