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EU Trust Formation


Simple trust formation

Starting From €1,000 + VAT,
Annual fees from €1,000 + VAT

Bespoke Advisory Consultation

Starting From €500 + VAT


  • Review of the trustee services you require.
  • Review the type of trust you require; bare trust, discretionary, IIP trust etc.
  • High-level review of the potential UK tax consequences of the setup.
  • High-level review of the potential Cyprus tax consequences.
  • Review the potential activity of the trust; will it require underlying companies? Will they be investment or trading?
  • Review the registration requirements, CySEC, VAT etc.
  • Discuss the accounting packages available.
  • Discuss the bank accounts available.
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Advising and specializing in the creation of tax-efficient trust and corporate structures.
Chartered Tax Advisors
People with an average team tenure of 10 years in cyprus.
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