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About Us

Not everyone understands the complexity around tax laws and the consequences that revolve around cross-border personal and corporate structures. This is where we come in – EQIQ isn’t just a team of lawyers, STEP-qualified practitioners and Chartered Tax Advisers (CTAs), but we are also business owners with a commercially intuitive mind who understands what works in the real world out there. We don’t shy away in going the extra mile for you to create the most efficient structure for your circumstances.

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Why You Need A Tax

Efficient company in Cyprus

Understanding tax laws relating to companies and trusts is often difficult and confusing as it includes the transfer of assets abroad, legislation, and settlement provisions. So, many clients find themselves unknowingly walking in to unexpected tax liabilities. EQIQ is a locally owned tax efficient structuring and trust management company in Cyprus. Being locally owned allows us to have a better and deeper understanding of how business works here. We have been successfully managing, establishing and advising on personal and corporate services in Cyprus for more than a decade.

EQIQ offers the following fiduciary services in Cyprus:

Trust Setup And Management

Managing and setting up trust isn’t as easy it sounds. there exists a plethora of legal and tax consequences when deciding how best to create a permanent establishment in Cyprus, including office space, assets, director’s services, etc. EQIQ is here to explain every option that you have and what works best for you. We will listen to all the details and then decide the best possible plan of action for our clients.

Listed below are our trust setup and management services:

  • Set up trust in Cyprus
  • Offshore trust
  • Set up EU trust
  • Trust set up (Limassol)
  • Company management in Cyprus
  • Company set up (Limassol)
  • Set up company in Cyprus
  • Set up offshore company
  • Set up EU company
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Tax Services

Limassol has gained quite a reputation for itself as a finance and tourist hotspot. This has allowed Inheritance tax-efficient property ventures to become more and more popular in the area. But these laws can be quite complicated for people who are stepping into this domain for the first time. IHT-free wrapper, attractive returns and EU passport are some of the benefits that are currently available for UK clients but things but can drastically change in the post-Brexit landscape. EQIQ offers end-to-end tax structuring services for its clients so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our tax services are listed below.

  • Tax-efficient structuring
  • Tax-efficient trust

Other Services

As mentioned earlier, we aren’t just a bunch a lawyers and tax consultants – we’re a team of commercial business owners who are well aware of the ins and outs of the financial market and wealth planning. We offer a host of services that can give you head start, allowing you to outdo your competition and win the race at the end of the day. Listed below are some of the financial and advisory services that we offer.

  • Open and set up a bank account in Cyprus
  • Office space in Cyprus
  • Cyprus passport scheme
  • Escrow services in Cyprus
  • Serviced offices in Cyprus