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Trustee & Director Services

We Work to Maintain & Uphold a Professional Presence

Whether it’s fund managers creating finance vehicles, financial institutions securitising assets or corporates expanding internationally, strong demand for independent directors continues to grow. And as the global regulatory environment evolves, investors are necessitating increased oversight of the structures they are interested in.

There is often a requirement to appoint a director who is based in a certain jurisdiction, or you might simply need extra support from an experienced industry specialist to ensure you’re on top of local rules and regulations – this is where our Trustee & Director Services come in.

Trustee & Director Services Designed to Help You Thrive

When setting up a trust, selecting the right trustee is paramount. At EQ:IQ, our priority is always achieving your objectives. When we work with your advisors, auditors and bankers, we are free from conflict of interest in governance or regulation.

The services we offer are designed to achieve this, include:

  1. Secretary and director services
  2. Trustee services
  3. Serviced office space
  4. A registered office
  5. Administrative services, including contracts, mail handling, filing company documents etc.

We Safeguard Your Structure

Through our independent trustee and director services, our mission is to help achieve better outcomes on behalf of scheme members and sponsors through better decision-making and effective execution of those decisions.

Our diverse client base is international, with members located all over the world. The trust structures differ widely, as does the support required from us, which is why we’re able to tailor our services accordingly,

Through our many years of real-world governance, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and qualified to support the boards of our client’s entities. Our experts bring tangible value to the table to help you accelerate the possible and provide comfort to your investors.

Whether you’re after trustee services or  director services, we can help to ensure that your structure is:

  1. Properly managed and controlled
  2. Achieves the requisite ‘substance’ for the desired tax treatment, and
  3. Run smoothly and efficiently in order to allow you to concentrate on growing your business or wealth.

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