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Most people aren’t aware of the complexities that revolve around international tax laws, and this might result in heavy legal penalties if you aren’t following proper protocols. Most offshore service providers might help you set up an offshore presence in their jurisdiction, while not giving any detail to your domestic tax law. This is where we’re different. EQIQ not only helps you with your offshore structure, but we’re also well-versed in the international, EU and more importantly UK tax law, making us the leaders of our industry. We offer special benefits for the residents of Leeds who are looking to set up an offshore account, trust or company in Cyprus.

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What EQIQ Can Do As A Tax Efficient

Company for Leeds residents

If you’re a resident of Leeds who is looking to setup an offshore presence in Cyprus in the form of bank account, company or a trust, then you’ve come to the right place. EQIQ is owned by a team of business owners who aren’t just a team of lawyers, STEP-qualified practitioners and Chartered Tax Advisers (CTAs), we’re also a team of accomplished entrepreneurs in our own righ who are well aware of the ins and outs of the real business world. We can help you set up your personal or corporate offshore presence in Cyprus by using the most tax-efficient method so you can focus on business growth. We will help you avoid the tax pitfalls often associated with offshore structures setup by non-tax experts. EQIQ offers the following fiduciary services for the residents of Leeds.

Trust Setup And Management

If you plan to pass on your wealth to future generations, one option to consider is the setting up of an offshore trust. But it’s easier said than done. Even the slightest negligence while setting up an offshore trust can leave you vulnerable to harsh legal and tax penalties. EQIQ can help. We have been successfully establishing and managing trusts in Cyprus for Leeds residents for more than a decade, and are well aware of international and EU and UK tax laws, making us leaders in our industry.

Listed below are our trust setup and management services:

  • Set up trust in Cyprus
  • Offshore trust
  • Set up EU trust
  • Trust set up (Limassol)
  • Company management in Cyprus
  • Company set up (Limassol)
  • Set up company in Cyprus
  • Set up offshore company
  • Set up EU company
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Tax Services

Limassol is now the hotspot for people who are looking to travel and invest in Cyprus. This newfound fame has increased the inheritance tax-efficient property ventures in the area exponentially. But before you join others in such ventures, it is important to talk to us in order to ensure a bespoke structure is diligently established to meet your needs.

Let EQIQ help you set up your offshore company or trust. The IHT-free wrapper, attractive returns, lower income and capital gains tax rates and EU passport are some of the benefits that are currently available for UK clients; however, things can drastically change in the post-Brexit landscape. EQIQ has been successfully establishing businesses and personal structures in Cyprus for more than a decade. We are well aware of the ins and outs of international and EU tax laws; this allows us to establish your offshore presence in the most tax-efficient way possible. Our tax services are:

  • Tax-efficient structuring
  • Tax-efficient trust
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Setup Your Cyprus Company To

Minimise Brexit Impact

Brexit will negatively impact virtually all UK businesses, whether you deal directly with the EU or your suppliers do. Setting up an EU company can provide a future-proof answer to most Brexit issues, including:

  1. All goods and services transferred within the EU will continue to move seamlessly as they do now.
  2. Operate from anywhere in EU
  3. Significantly reduce Brexit-related paperwork
  4. Minimise tariffs
  5. Easily employ EU staff
  6. Enjoy lower tax rates
  7. Deal with UK customers using your UK business and EU customers using your EU business
  8. Deal with imports and exports from your EU base.
  9. Make the most of the EU’s trade deals with other countries.

Other Services

Apart from setting up your offshore structure, we offer many other services as well that can help you in your wealth planning goals. We are a team of extraordinary marketing leaders who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile for our clients. Listed below are some of the financial and advisory services that we offer.

  • Open and set up a bank account in Cyprus
  • Office space in Cyprus
  • Cyprus passport scheme
  • Escrow services in Cyprus
  • Serviced offices in Cyprus
  • Brexit planning