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Most offshore service providers are experts in the creation of personal or corporate structures for their jurisdiction. They don’t pay any attention to foreign, tax, or legal consequences that the client might face in their local jurisdiction. This is where we come in– we are a team of experts experienced in the domain of international tax law, being STEP- qualified practitioners, chartered tax advisors and lawyers. Our diverse portfolio allows us to understand the real-life working of tax laws and other legal matters, making us the leaders in our domain. We don’t shy away from going the extra mile for you to create the most efficient and appropriate structure.

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What Approach Will EQIQ Take When Asked To Setup A Tax Efficient

Company for London residents?

Understanding tax law isn’t easy for most people; it is perhaps one of the most esoteric areas of law. This is why, unfortunately, many find themselves falling foul of compliance rules or find themselves with unexpected tax bills.

This is what we at EQIQ do day in day out, we ensure compliance with all our structures for London residents who wish to establish a tax efficient company in Cyprus. Being locally-owned allows us to have deeper and better insight into how businesses can thrive on this small island. EQIQ has been effectively establishing, managing and advising corporate and personal services for more than a decade.

EQIQ offers the following fiduciary services for residents London:

Trust Setup And Management

Trusts are often an efficient wrapper for asset preservation, tax planning and succession. However, with local and international legislation ever-changing, it is key to ensure proper establishment and management of the trust .

We are here to guide you every step of the way while figuring out what works best for you. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we’d rather listen to your concerns and then create a bespoke structure that will assist you in reaching your long- and short-term goals.

Listed below are our trust setup and management services:

  • Set up trust in Cyprus
  • Offshore trust
  • Set up EU trust
  • Trust set up (Limassol)
  • Company management in Cyprus
  • Company set up (Limassol)
  • Set up company in Cyprus
  • Set up offshore company
  • Set up EU company
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Tax Services

Limassol is Cyprus’ financial and business centre. There has, in recent years been an increase in investment and commerce in the area as well as huge infrastructure projects, including Europe’s largest casino to name but one. There are currently many opportunities in Limassol from property to finance, inheritance tax structures and more. The IHT-free wrapper, attractive returns, and EU passport are some of the benefits currently available for UK clients; however, things can drastically change in the post-Brexit landscape. EQIQ offers end-to-end tax consultation and structuring services for its clients living in the UK. Our tax services are listed below.

  • Tax-efficient structuring
  • Tax-efficient trust

Other Services

As a team of accomplished business owners who are well-versed in international tax law, we understand the complexities and ramifications of the financial market, and know the ins and outs of offshore trust or company setup. We can help you set one up while simultaneously taking care of your wealth planning objectives.

EQIQ offers bespoke services that allow you to set up offshore enterprises without becoming liable to any unexpected tax or other legal penalties. Contact us today and start reaping the benefits Cyprus has to offer. Listed below are some of the financial and advisory services that we offer.

  • Open and set up a bank account in Cyprus
  • Office space in Cyprus
  • Cyprus passport scheme
  • Escrow services in Cyprus
  • Serviced offices in Cyprus