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Wealth Planning & Asset Protection

There are two forms of asset protection, which are often pursued together:

The implementation of advance planning which legally place assets beyond the reach of:

  • Future potential creditors
  • Forced heirship or
  • Matrimonial rules.

The adoption of planning which legally places assets outside the estate for inheritance tax purposes. This is usually achieved through:

  • Converting into ‘business property relief’ qualifying assets
  • Maximising lifetime gifts
  • Using tax-efficient trust structures such as excluded property trusts.

Cyprus International Trust

Cyprus has one of the most advantageous trust regimes in the world. Some features of the Cyprus International Trust include:

  • No income tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • Confidentiality over settlor and beneficiaries
  • Time-barred periods for litigation
  • No estate duty or inheritance tax
  • Flexible investment strategy
Escrow Services