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Expanding Your Business Abroad

There might be a number of reasons why you choose to expand abroad, some will include:

  • Enjoying a lower tax regime
  • Expanding your client base
  • Regulatory reasons
  • Dealing with restrictions caused by BREXIT
  • Establishing an EU presence for VAT registration
  • Asset protection

Whatever the reason or reasons, we will work with you to create a structure suitable for your requirements. Typical structures include:

  • EU subsidiary company
  • Stand alone EU company owed personally by you or under a trust structure
  • A Cyprus International Trust
  • An EU branch or Agency

Whilst the advantages of these structures can be extensive, it is vital that their implementation is crafted carefully to suit your requirements. In particular, the interaction between differing jurisdictions must be managed in order to ensure:

  • UK anti-avoidance legislation does not apply to warrant the tax advantages redundant
  • Local Cyprus law is adhered to
  • The application of an double taxation treaties is considered
  • All local and international compliance and disclosures are complied with

Only a team with extensive experience in both UK and local laws can help ensure the complexities of cross-border planning are safely navigated.

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