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BREXIT – What you need to setup a Cyprus Company

Whether it be for VAT, corporation tax, provision of goods or services or a whole host of other industry specific factors, UK business owners will be considering whether to setup an EU company.

In order to simplify this for you, we have created an itemized checklist for Cyprus companies, so at the very least, you can compare the process with other EU countries:


  1. Notarized copies of the passports for each shareholder
  2. An approved company name with the Trade Register
  3. Notarized Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
  4. ID documents for the company director(s) and secretary
  5. Bank statement showing the source of funds forming the initial capital of the company
  6. Details of the legal address of the company in Cyprus

How can we Help?

At EQIQ we will:

  1. Establish the company for you in a swift an inexpensive manner
  2. Consult with you over the ownership options and their respective potential tax consequences
  3. Provide you with virtual or real office space
  4. Consult with you over the future operations of the business, including its central management and control for tax purposes

Benefits of Cyprus

  1. Part of EU for VAT
  2. Low corporation tax rates
  3. Booming finance and tourism
  4. Similar common law basis for the recognition of companies and trusts
  5. Low setup and annual costs for companies
  6. Simple MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) registration process

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